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Shanderia Montgomery is the owner/operator of One Chance Bookkeeping, LLC. As a 15 year resident of Nashville, TN, she has accomplished quite a bit! She pursued a career in Healthcare while working on an Associates of Science degree in Accounting in 2007.Graduated in 2009 and started back to pursue her Bachelors of Science degree in Accounting with a concentration of Forensic Accounting in 2012. While working as an accountant in 2015, she decided to pursue her Masters degree in Accounting with a concentration of Audit. In 2017 she graduated with honors while working full time as an accountant and working a part time job to help fund her education.She is currently taking all of her knowledge and experience to the next level! With the passion that she has for accounting, many areas of accounting education, experience, and the confidence that her clients have in her work, she is happy to start providing services to the public.

Our mission at One Chance Bookkeeping is to give small business owners confidence by knowing where their business stands.  

Our vision is to educate small businesses on their finances while watching them grow to a big business. 

One Chance Bookkeeping brings accountability and trust while helping with bookkeeping, consulting, business credit, tax planning and preparation.